Let’s think big about the future of your organization—and how philanthropy can make it possible. From institutional visioning and strategic planning for the success of your organization and fundraising program to board development, training, recruitment and other governance matters, we help you chart a path to greater impact and sustainable success.

You have potential. You just want to know how to reach it.

Our development assessments examine your fundraising programs top to bottom, using both quantitative and qualitative methodology to help you prioritize your staff and monetary resources, make a plan for your organization’s future, and grow to reach your fundraising potential.

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What We Need To Get Started

Schedule a time to meet with dotted i and we'll help map out a financial future for your organization. We'll need access to your board roster, tax receipts, operating budgets, strategic plan and programming information. From there we'll craft a compelling message and a bullet-proof plan to move your agency forward.